Difference between Tacoma Vs. Ranger

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We last compared the forthcoming new 2019 Ford Ranger to the Other new midsize pickup on the cube, the 20 20 Jeep Gladiator. Now it’s time to see how it stacks up to a proven player within the group, the sales king of these midsize trucks, the Toyota Tacoma.

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Naturally, in this stage, this story is just in Writing; But following the 20-19 Ford Ranger press drive later this week, we’ll be pushing off using a brand new Ranger to placed in an actual head-to-head contrast against a fresh Tacoma, so keep tuned in for our impressions and results toward the close of December. Ford thinks the difference will be favorable — we’re told it’s going to own a corresponding Tacoma on hand for all members of the websites to drive during the Ranger drive event.

It’s also worth noting that we still don’t have the Ranger’s specifications — no curb weight, for instance, and only max towing and payload numbers (nothing is separated by cab or equipment), so this is just a quick and dirty comparison. We’ll have additional details and information to come.


The most Well-known models from the midsize pickup class are The Ranger Super-Crew (aka crew cab) offers a shorter bed. The SuperCab (also called the extended cab) uses the same wheelbase but has a mattress that is 1 foot more. Toyota calls its team taxi the dual cab and its extended cab an entrance Cab and offers two different wheelbases to provide more length and size diversity. We’ll reach exact bed length measurements in a bit. For now, here are some Apples to Apples dimensions and specifications.

Wheelbase: 126.8 (just one provided )

Length: 210.8

Length: 85.8 (from Mirror)

(Super Crew 4×4), 70.7 (SuperCab 4×2)

Front track: 61.4

Backtrack: 61.4


Wheel Base: 127.4, 140.6 (Doublecab short bed, long bed)

Length: 212.3, 225.5 (double-cab, short bed, long bed)

Width: 74.4, 75.2 (with optional overfenders not mirror into Mirror)

Front track: 63, 64 (TRD Guru )


Ford provides its FX4 off Road Package around the Ranger, While Toyota goes a minimum of one step farther with all the dedicated TRD Guru off-road Trim on top of two other TRD-branded option bundles. This contributes to much Greater variation in offroad capacities for your Taco depending on how it’s equipped.