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The Burning Issue

Hormonal imbalance and its associated syndrome is a burning issue for a majority of women. When there is a mismatch in the production of the female hormones named estrogen and progesterone, problems like early menopause arise. Despite the conventional hormone therapy, the research showing risks posed by such due to prolonged use has forced a majority of women to look for alternatives in the form of natural hormone replacements. Hence this article aims towards detailing about the natural hormone replacement method to deal with menopausal problems and mention about the doctors who are involved in natural hormone replacement in Denver.

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Natural Hormone Replacement

Natural hormone replacement refers to augmenting the female body’s natural hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone via hormones produced from natural substances like soy plants. These are administered as a form of pills, creams, gels and dietary supplements. The natural hormones commonly recommended in the treatment phase include estriol, progesterone, DHEA, and Melatonin for regulating the wake-sleep cycle and improving sleep. Advancement in the treatment must be done only after analyzing the entire process completely and taking recommendations from a reputed doctor for getting the most entrusted hormone therapy in Denver

Hormonal imbalance causes early menopause, hot flashes, disturbed sleep and vaginal dryness. The medicines provided in the therapy session are given after a proper and detailed consultation with a certified doctor and planning out the course of the treatment to have effective results from the treatment. The natural hormones ingested help in curbing hot flashes, osteoporosis, risks of cancer and cardiovascular disorders and sleep cycle disturbance. This article thus briefed about the proper steps in natural hormone replacement to deal with the hormonal imbalance causing menstrual problems and mentioned about some of the doctors of Denver involved in this field.