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All about weed control

Not all of the fauna that grows over a region are helpful and work towards ecological balance. Some of these are unwanted and compete for the basic nutrients and sunlight with the other healthy plants, thus creating a hindrance in their normal growth and acting as a limiting factor for the growth. To avoid this, the concept of weed control was devised that attacked the unwanted plants to keep the space aloof of the same. The definition of weed differs from region to region i.e. a weed in one region might be considered useful in another region. Hence the proper detection of these is very important and the selection of the concurrent best weed killer on the market is an utmost factor. This article discusses further the same.

Best weed killer on the market

A number of options for weed killer are available in the market currently, but the task of choosing the effective ones from the same is indeed an uphill one and hence some deciding pointers aid in the same which are as follows: –

  • The weed killer must be compatible with the weeds growing in the garden and hence be effective in removing the same.
  • It must not harm the nearby flora that is wanted and hence must be very selective in the attack action.
  • It must not have any derogatory effect over the person applying the same and be completely safe during the process of application.
  • It must last for long enough to complete its killing action and hence render useful in its application.
  • It must be cost-effective and readily available in the market during times of emergencies.
  • It must work on either of the two mechanisms of killing the weed i.e. either during the sapling stage or its proliferating stage.