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December 1, 2023 / rkH593Y8

Tactical Gas Masks: The Ultimate CBRN Defense

Mira Safety CM-8M CBRN Night Vision Gas Mask

Whether you’re working in a lab or preparing for SHTF, the right tactical gas mask can help defend against common threats, like dust, mold spores, and paint fumes. But a gas mask is only effective when it’s available precisely when you need it.

That means carrying out regular visual inspections and functional tests to ensure your mask is ready to go when needed. And ensuring it’s stored properly to prevent damage over time.

CM-8M Tactical Gas Mask

The CM-8M combines premium features with superior mil-spec construction for CBRN protection trusted by top military forces. Its robust bromobutyl rubber frame provides exceptional resistance to TIC and CWA contaminants like toxic industrial chemicals, radioactive dust, vaporized pollutants and more.

The mask’s wide panoramic visor delivers an outstanding field of vision while enabling compatibility with night vision devices, thermal optics and scopes. Its speech diaphragm ensures 95% intelligibility so you can communicate clearly and quickly.

All CM series adult-sized MIRA Safety gas masks are cross-compatible, giving you a world of practical upgrades and optional accessories. You can even use your existing NATO standard 40 mm filters with the CM-8M, making it easy to switch between lenses as your needs change. This is one tactical CBRN mask that truly protects civilians, law enforcement and the military alike.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask

Combining premium features with superior mil-spec construction, this is Mira Safety’s flagship product and one of the best choices for emergency preparedness. It protects the wearer from chemical accidents and attacks, pandemics, shelter-in-place scenarios, as well as radiological fallout.

This reusable full-face respirator/gas mask is made of bromine-butyl rubber that’s highly resistant to CBRN agents. It’s also incredibly durable and has a polycarbonate visor that ensures a clear, unobstructed field of vision. It’s designed to be used by military, law enforcement, professional rescue/biomedical squads, and civil defense personnel.

It comes with a drinking system and canteen that’s pre-installed. It can also be outfitted with a wide variety of filters by screwing to the left or right inhalation chamber. To work properly, it must be worn with a face that’s smooth and free of facial hair, sideburns, or any other hindrance at the points of contact. A negative pressure test must be performed to make sure it’s a good fit.

CM-7M Tactical Gas Mask

This military-grade CBRN gas mask offers the ultimate defense against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents when used with filters. Its dual visor configuration is crafted to ensure compatibility with optical devices and provide sufficient field of vision. It is also optimized for use with rifle iron sights and compatible with red dot sighting systems, making it an ideal choice for law enforcement and tactical operators.

The CM-7M is made from durable bromobutyl rubber and is designed for high user comfort with easy donning and doffing, low breathing resistance, and a hypoallergenic inner mask that reduces carbon dioxide content and prevents fogging. It uses NATO-standard 40mm filters and can be mounted on either side of the mask to accommodate users’ preferred shooting positions.

For the most reliable protection, pair a CM-7M with a MIRA NBC-77 filter. The combined mask/filter combo will protect against more contaminants than the average NATO-compatible filter and last for 20 years under recommended storage conditions.

CM-9M Tactical Gas Mask

This CBRN tactical military mask features a robust facepiece made from bromobutyl rubber and a polycarbonate visor for exceptional resistance to toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and chemical warfare agents (CWA) as well as nuclear, radiological and biological threats like radioactive dust, noxious gas and vaporized pollutants. Its double-layer construction helps prevent fogging and enables clear communication with the aid of a speech diaphragm that provides 95% intelligibility.

With left and right 40mm NATO ports, this protective mask enables easy attachment of accessories for specific mission requirements. It also comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen that has a capacity of up to 900ml.

To ensure that the mask fits properly, we recommend that you perform a negative pressure test by covering the inhalation valve, taking a deep breath in and then breathing out to see whether it seals tightly against your face. We also recommend that you use a mouthpiece cleaner or a similar product to help maintain its integrity over time.

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High-Performance Tactical Gas Mask: NB-100 Dark Amber Respirator

The NB-100 Dark Amber Tactical Respirator Gas Mask From Parcil Safety

A gas mask is a wearable item that protects the player from toxic airborne materials. These materials may be in the form of gases, which are absorbed by a filter, or particulates, which are filtered through an air-separating device.

The filters on military-style gas masks often contain chrysotile or crocidolite asbestos, which are hazardous when inhaled. This makes them less effective against chemical-warfare agents that attack the skin surface.

NB-100 Tactical Gas Mask

This is the ideal gas mask for law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency responders, and anyone who requires top-tier protection in hazardous environments. It comes equipped with the Defense N-B-1 filter canister, which effectively removes a wide range of harmful gases, vapors, and particles from the air you breathe. The mask also features left and right 40mm NATO ports, enabling you to attach and integrate a variety of accessories. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and a secure fit, with an adjustable head harness that distributes weight evenly and reduces cranial pressure during prolonged use.

This model is the more affordable option on our list, and it provides decent protection against CBRN or NBC threats. Its ballistic-rated, full-face visor can stop a 6.35mm steel sphere at 150 meters per second, which is impressive for its price. Its design may make it difficult to achieve a proper cheek weld for firing a firearm accurately, though. It also doesn’t include integrated hydration or microphone attachments.

NB-100 Tactical Respirator

NB-100 Tactical Respirator combines top-tier protection with exceptional comfort. Constructed with a heavy-duty reinforced plastic face shield for impact resistance and featuring anti-fog technology that works efficiently in diverse weather conditions, this tactical mask offers a panoramic 200-degree view to maintain situational awareness. A comfortable, ergonomic head harness distributes the weight evenly and reduces cranial pressure for long periods of wear during high-stakes situations. Left and right 40mm NATO filter ports allow you to attach additional accessories to optimize your cheek weld and ergonomics, enabling you to tailor the fit of this mask to your needs.

This tactical gas mask is equipped with a Defense N-B-1 filter canister and is able to tolerate environments with oxygen levels as low as 19%, making it a perfect choice for law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency responders, or anyone who requires reliable respiratory defense during hazardous situations. Its heavy-duty design and impressive capabilities make it a great option for riot control, domestic defense, or any other application that calls for the highest level of protection and versatility.

NB-100 Tactical Mask

This mask is a heavy-duty option for military, police, and security personnel working in dangerous situations. It can withstand blunt force trauma without harming the wearer, and its anti-fog properties work well in hot and cold weather. It also has a panoramic field of vision and tolerates oxygen levels as low as 19%, making it suitable for domestic defense and riot control.

This model has left and right 40mm NATO-style filter attachment ports. You can use both filters or just one, and you can install a plug on the unused side to seal the mask. This allows you to optimize the cheek weld and ergonomics for your situation.

The ExecDefense USA FreshTac is a good-looking option for people looking to stay safe during natural disasters, protests, wildfires, or CBRN and NBC threats. It’s a bit less expensive than the MIRA Safety CM-7M, and it has a single-filter design, so it doesn’t protrude as far off your face.

NB-100 Respirator

The NB-100 Dark Amber Tactical Gas Mask from Parcil Safety isn’t your average dust mask. This face mask is rated for CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) and is able to protect against fallout, toxic chemicals, and even dirty bomb isotopes.

This tactical respirator is a must-have for anyone who spends time outdoors, at home or in the field. Its heavy-duty design and Defense N-B-1 filter canister makes it a reliable and high-performance protective solution that provides the utmost peace of mind in hazardous environments.

This face mask has an adjustable head harness that distributes weight evenly, reducing cranial pressure during long-term wear. It also features left and right 40mm NATO ports that allow for the integration of accessories, further enhancing its functionality to meet specific operational requirements. Its anti-fog capabilities allow for clear visibility, even in diverse weather conditions. Its expansive 200-degree field of view is designed to keep you aware of your surroundings, helping you make critical decisions with precision.

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